Missy Parker


Lauren (Missy) Parker is an accomplished professional in the secondary art sale and marine archaeology industries with more than 12 years of experience in the sale and disposition of valuable historic and current items. Through her career she has produced countless custom projects and ongoing administrative support to create branding and growth for businesses within these fields, leading her to open Blue Wave Productions, LLC as a platform for all of her work. Missy studied Art and Art History at New College of Florida and was awarded a Bachelor of Liberal Arts (honors), with a Concentration in Art, in 2011.

Missy is Curator at Maritime Research & Recovery, LLC, a Florida-based company that specializes in the research, archaeological recovery, conservation and disposition of valuable artifacts from permitted marine sites. Since 2013, Missy has worked in Florida, South Carolina, the Bahamas, the Republic of Panama and other locations throughout the Caribbean, performing curatorial work and SQL data management for 2,300+ artifacts from five site-specific collections. She has produced certificates of authenticity for more than 500 individual artifacts and has overseen the final disposition of more than 1,150 certificated artifacts to 26 private collections. She plays a key role in the ongoing development of the company's website, as well as produces custom media projects and performs final edits on outgoing material to investors and potential partners to ensure brand quality and consistency. She is also an experienced recovery diver for MRR and has recovered artifacts from 5 historic sites.

Since 2007, Missy has held a contract-based position as Client Acquisition and Event Director for Florida-based, high-end estate sale company, Southern Homes Estate Sales. Missy has closed sales for 125+ works of art, including 17th-20th Century European paintings, 20th Century American paintings and signed lithographs and etchings by prominent artists such as Salvador Dali and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Leveraging her art history education, Missy has provided art research for dozens of private clients and pricing for their art collections.

Missy has contributed to Southern Homes far beyond her interest in art, continually establishing strong working relationships with clients throughout the Central and South Florida region. She has been instrumental in the closing of nearly 40 acquisition contracts with private estate owners. She organizes large-scale public events, having successfully managed the end-to-end coordination, staging, advertising and participation of the company in dozens of contracted events. She maintains the company's website and contributes to advertisements that generate 3,000-10,000 views per week and bring thousands of buyers to events each month.

From 2013-2018, Missy worked intermittently as a freelance copywriter for marketing specialists, NSG Consulting, Inc., where she provided quality written content for a variety of global engineering manufacturers. She became adept at concise, informative writing to showcase the features and performance of advanced engineering materials and products. Many of her articles are published in a variety of trade publications.

Missy's favorite part of her work is the fascinating people she meets and the friends she has made while working and connecting with others who share in similar interests. She enjoys cultivating strong professional relationships and has established lifelong friendships with a diverse and wonderful cast of talented people.

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